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Based in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Protocol 1 was founded by Bill Bolster and Mike Hochberg. Protocol 1 was created with the sole purpose of getting people healthy. Rather than creating a “one size fits all” approach to health & wellness, a customizable, modular approach was created to fit each company’s and individual’s needs specifically.  


Protocol 1 started as a niche idea, helping companies with injury prevention, reducing injury costs, workers compensation costs, incident rates, and long term incident rates. We created an approach to reduce employee injury and keep workers comp costs low through custom readiness programs and an intuitive application that pairs employees with healthcare professionals to monitor injury, progress, and overall health. Simple sprain/strain and soft tissue injuries account for the greatest expense to companies. These injuries are being mismanaged and mistreated, leading to increased time away from work, healthcare costs and unnecessary financial burden. We aim to fix that.  


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