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The Protocol 1 Difference

Custom built programs, healthier employees, better engagement, easy integration and programs that are continuously innovated. These are just a few of the advantages of working with Protocol 1 

What makes Protocol 1 Unique

Improved Physical & Mental Well-Being

Protocol 1 will carefully navigate your company to the solution that best fits your needs. Then a high impact program for your employees will be custom built and ready to access at virtually any location

Reduction in Company Costs

Our custom movement programs and physical therapy treatment plans can greatly reduce employee preventable injuries. Our primary goal is reducing healthcare costs while improving employee health

Personalized, Customized Content

Following an expert assessment, Protocol 1 will construct a plan specifically crafted to meet the daily needs of your employees

Higher ESG Rating

Increase your company ESG rating by providing every employee with accessible, functional access to non-compensation benefits


Approach to Health and Wellness   

Benefit from Mental Therapy Telemedicine, Physical Therapy Telehealth, Coaching, Movement Classes, Nutritional Consultations, Yoga Classes and more

Increased Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged it a top priority for Protocol 1. By offering regularly updated, task specific preventive activities, we guarantee employees will continually be engaged

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