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Our main benefits

We pride ourselves on providing a modular, multidisciplinary approach to health and readiness. Customizing your company's programs, creating better engagement, healthier employees, easy integration and continuously innovating new programs. Heres just a bit of insight to the many benefits to partnering with Protocol 1. 

Reduce Company Costs

Our custom programs and physical therapy treatment plans will reduce the amount of incidents and the timeframe in which employees are injured. Our primary goal is getting your employees health and reducing your workers comp. costs.


Improve Employee  Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged in our programs is critical to program success. Whether its physical or mental health, movement programs, , nutritional counseling or yoga classes, a focal point will be keeping your engaged and successful. 


Improve Physical & Mental Well-being

We'll carefully navigate and steer your company to the solution that makes the most sense. From there we'll customize high-impact programs for your employees, ensuring their success and ultimately your company's success.


Improve ESG Ratings

Provide non-compensation benefits to all of your employees by partnering with Protocol 1, thus improving your ratings. Just one of the many benefits to utilizing Protocol 1. 

Let's Work Together

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